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5 Ways to Avoid Uneven Cooling in Your House

Most people in College Station, Texas spend a lot of time in their homes trying to stay cool during the summer season. It can often be too hot and humid to walk around Lick Creek Park or Peach Creek Vineyards, which causes many people to head indoors. If you want to avoid uneven cooling in your house, there are a few important steps to take before the temperature begins to rise.

1. Increase Your Attic Insulation

Adding more insulation to your attic can prevent warm air from entering the building and also reduce the amount of cold air that escapes. Research the recommended R-value for your home to ensure you have enough insulation installed.

2. Use a Zoning System

One of the most effective ways to tackle uneven cooling is with a zoning system. Zoning systems make it possible to control the temperature in each different area of the house through its own thermostat. This avoids the necessity of cooling the entire building. It can reduce your energy usage and allow you to enjoy a higher level of comfort without needing to cool rooms that aren’t in use.

3. Open Up the Vents

Many people don’t realize that some of their vents may be closed or blocked, which can prevent cool air from being released into certain parts of the house. Move furniture and other objects several feet away from the vents to ensure they release air into each room and don’t increase the energy usage of the HVAC system as it works hard to lower the temperature in your residence.

4. Ensure Your Fan Is in the “On” Position Constantly

In a humid climate like here, having your fan in ON constantly in the summertime will cause numerous problems such as mold growth in the indoor equipment, humidity problems in the house, and will actually cause the unit to be more inefficient because the ductwork is being heated by the attic so you’re actually pumping hot air into the house if the AC isn’t on, causing certain areas of your home to get even warmer.

5. Schedule an Inspection

If you’re located anywhere in the College Station area, call on our team of professionals at Cover HVAC. We serve all of East Central Texas, and we can perform an inspection on your HVAC system. Our technicians can clean and lubricate the components, perform repairs, and boost the efficiency of the appliance to ensure it delivers cool air throughout the home. This will also increase the lifespan of your system.

We invite you to speak with us at Cover HVAC today to learn more about how you can prevent uneven cooling from developing in your house. Our team of experts will take their time explaining our services and answering your questions.

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