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Heat Pumps In College Station, TX

A heat pump is an important part of any property. Basically, it’s a piece of thermoregulation equipment to maintain comfort. When it fails, it requires the quality and professionalism of technicians. Our technicians at Cover HVAC can take a look at heat pumps in College Station, TX. When we do, we can determine if either a repair or replacement is necessary.

What a Heat Pump Does

As part of an HVAC system, a heat pump is installed outside a residential property. It’s similar to an AC unit. However, heat pumps in College Station, TX perform double duty. When it’s cold outside, they pull heat from the outdoor air and move it indoors. When it’s warm, they take heat from indoors to cool the rooms down.

Since it handles both cooling and heating, an additional AC unit doesn’t need to be purchased. Instead, we install an electric heat strip to the indoor fan coil to push out warm air. Furthermore, since it doesn’t require gas or oil, the placement of a heat pump lowers your utility bills.

How We Handle Installations and Replacements

At Cover HVAC, we perform heat pump replacement in College Station, TX as well as installation jobs. We offer these services either on existing Texas homes with older HVAC systems or on newer construction. We can also help with installations when you have a heat pump but you’d like to upgrade or you have a heat pump that has completely broken down. Contact us when you renovate or enlarge your home, too, as we can install a heat pump that’s the right size for your home.

When you’re in College Station, TX, a heat pump is the right way to go. The state’s short, dry winters don’t require a complete heating system to warm your home. A heat strip on the fan coil is sufficient enough to regulate the interior’s temperatures. Additionally, because cool mornings quickly become warm or hot afternoons, a heat pump has the capacity to rapidly switch for the desired environment.

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Heat Pump Repairs

Unfortunately, heat pumps do fail. That’s why our technicians at Cover HVAC are ready to handle any situation. How do you know it’s starting to fail? There are a few signs.

First, the house is too cold or too hot. No matter how much you adjust the thermostat, the temperature doesn’t change. Second, it starts making squealing or grinding noises. When this happens, the unit must be shut down until a heat pump repair takes place. The lack of blowing air or the failure of the unit’s motor also signifies potential problems.

This is where we shine in College Station, TX. We review your situation and let you know what’s needed and the cost before we start anything. There are times where a heat pump replacement is a better return on investment, and we’ll let you know why. After the repair or replacement, Cover HVAC will perform quality assurance tests to guarantee the heat pump is in working order.

It's Time to Take Care of Your Heat Pump

In the end, you can’t go without a properly working heat pump. Toughing it out causes issues not only within your family but inside your home as well. When you need heat pump service in College Station, TX, call (281) 378-5255 to reach one of our Cover HVAC consultants.

We’ll come out and perform an audit of your existing system. From that, we’ll let you know how we can help and what specific services we can offer. From there, we’ll work within your budget to find the right product and size for your home.

There’s no reason to delay the repair or replacement of your heat pump. Contact Cover HVAC to schedule an appointment. The results will be lower utility prices and a more comfortable College Station, TX home.

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