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AC Installation In College Station, TX

When you need an AC replacement in College Station, TX, you can trust Cover HVAC. We are locally owned and operated. That means we know what you need to keep your home cool. We offer fast service so that you can enjoy all the benefits of a new AC unit faster. Our technicians are fully trained and licensed, so you know your installation is in good hands. We also offer honest and upfront pricing, so you are never hit with an unexpected bill. 

The Importance of a Good AC Unit

A new AC unit in College Station, TX is a great choice if you want to lower your energy bills. Modern AC units are much more energy efficient. A new unit can give you better cooling for less. With how hot our summers get, you need a reliable AC unit. Newer units are also typically more environmentally friendly because they use refrigerants that cause less damage to the environment versus the older coolants. Finally, new units are typically quieter. They may also be more efficient at cooling your space. 

Signs You Need a New AC Unit

Your air conditioner will break down over time. Most systems will only work for about 10 years, so if your unit is 10 or more years old, you will need an air conditioning replacement in College Station, TX. However, some units may fail sooner thanks to poor maintenance or wear and tear. Here are some signs your AC needs a replacement. You may notice that your AC unit is leaking. You may be making more service calls and having to pay for more refrigerant often. Parts may also be failing more often. This can result in higher repair bills and many days spent dealing with the heat. You may hear strange noises from this since failing parts can make odd sounds. You may also notice unpleasant smells coming from your system. Your AC may struggle to cool your home or cool it unevenly. All of these are signs you need a new unit. 

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How to Select a New AC Unit

There are many factors that go into selecting the right AC for your home. The first consideration is the size. A large home will not be fully cooled by an AC unit meant for a home half the size. Most units will list how many square feet they can cool easily. The SEER rating is how energy efficient a unit is. This helps you know about how much it will cost to run a year. This is approximate and may change depending on how your utility company charges for energy consumption. Some units also boast cleaner air or a reduction in allergens. The actual cost of the unit itself will depend on size and features. Most central air systems are several thousand dollars. Working with an experienced HVAC company can help. We can guide you to the right unit for your home in College Station, TX and work with your budget. We can then install it up to code so that you don’t have any problems with future home inspections or sales.

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When you need an air conditioning installation in College Station, TX, Cover HVAC can help. We can handle new installations and replacements. We have fully licensed technicians who can install any unit quickly and with the highest quality service. We are proud to be locally owned and operated. We have the local knowledge to help you select the right unit and to install it to code on the first try. Contact us at (281) 378-5255 today, and enjoy a cooler home and lower energy bills.

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“Totally professional from the start. Had many other quotes and they were more expensive than some. We choose Cover because Jeremy first then his crew fill us with confidence that they would do not just a good job but a great job. Knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. Happy to have Cover for all our HVAC need for now and in the future.”