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Indoor Air Quality In College Station, TX

All College Station, TX area residents will quickly agree that protecting their family and home are top priorities. But all too often, we take for granted simple things like the indoor air quality in our homes that can significantly impact the health of our loved ones. The average person spends most of their time indoors breathing air that is shockingly more polluted than the outside air in major cities.

That low-quality air can have a significant impact on your ability to get a good night’s sleep, enjoy your daily activities, and your overall health. Fortunately, Cover HVAC is here to assist you with all your indoor air quality services, from testing to duct cleaning and air filtration and purification. We are the premier indoor air quality specialists in the region because of our dedication to helping our customers achieve exceptional indoor air quality for better health and quality of life.

The Many Benefits Of Professional Duct Cleaning

Abstractly, we know that the ducts in our home are prone to collecting dust and dirt. But it can be easier just to put it out of your mind because you have no way to get inside the ducts to clean them. However, when you call (281) 957-3478, the Cover HVAC indoor air quality specialists will get the job done quickly and thoroughly. Just a few of the many benefits of this professional duct cleaning include:

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Quality Air Filtration Is Essential

Many homeowners are shocked to learn that the air in their homes is filled with contaminants. In addition, as construction methods and practices have increased the airtightness of homes to conserve energy when heating and cooling, it has created another issue, increased air pollution indoors. Because this airtightness has limited the air exchanges in most homes, air filtration is now a must-have.

For households with family members who suffer from allergies or asthma, medical-grade HEPA filters provide the highest level of air filtration. These systems will capture allergens like pollen and pet dander, as well as bacteria and viruses. These filters are exceptionally dense. However, when the experts at Cover HVAC install them, the system includes a dedicated fan to assist your HVAC system in moving air to reduce the strain on your existing heating and cooling equipment.

Your other option for air purification is an electrostatic filter. These devices use static to hold dust and contaminants to a collection plate. These systems are also ideal for removing pollen from the air in your home to reduce the effects of hay fever. The benefit to the electrostatic collection plate is that the piece can be removed from the filtration system and washed to remove the debris. Then reinsert it into the system for continuous filtration.

The indoor air quality specialists at Cover HVAC will be happy to discuss your needs and help you select the air filtration system that will best meet your needs and budget. In addition, our pros will explain the added value of humidifiers and dehumidifiers to properly balance the moisture in your home’s air. This added feature can have a massive impact on your comfort and ability to control mold and mildew contamination issues.

UV Air Purification

If someone in your home has immune system challenges, a UV air purification system could be life-altering. This device uses ultraviolet light to keep microorganisms and viruses from reproducing. These systems have a proven record of stopping the spread of many diseases and can significantly benefit anyone with a compromised immune system. They are deployed in health care facilities worldwide because of their superior results. And now you can have the same air purification in your own home.

When you need help improving your home’s indoor air quality, you need a team that you can trust for reliable information and systems. The indoor air quality specialists at Cover HVAC will provide an honest evaluation of your home’s current air quality and options to increase that quality. We will also consider any special needs or requests when recommending air filtration systems, air purification, and duct cleaning regimens.

While many HVAC companies look at indoor air quality as a service of lesser importance, our team understands that we are really talking about our valued clients’ health and well-being. And because of the immense importance of your health and the health of your loved ones, we want to ensure that you have nothing but the best resources and information regarding indoor air quality and potential solutions for your home. So call (281) 957-3478 today to schedule an appointment with one of the Cover HVAC air quality experts.

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