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6 Things You Should Know About Your Air Conditioner

Human beings have been trying to keep cool when it’s hot for millennia, and they succeeded using everything from gravity-fed fountains to huge fans cranked by a servant to plain old blocks of ice. The modern air conditioner, whether it is a central AC, a window unit, or a mini-split ductless, is a surprisingly complex piece of machinery that works hard to cool down a room.

1. Air Conditioners Don’t Create Cold Air

What makes an air conditioner so complex is that it doesn’t create cold air. Instead, it removes heat from warm air and vents it to the outside. Then, it blows the cooled-down air into your home.

2. Willis Carrier Invented the First Modern Air Conditioner

Willis Carrier is considered the inventor of the first modern air conditioner, and he did this way back in 1902. He got a patent for the appliance in 1906 and created the Carrier Air Conditioner Company in 1908. In 1930, the west wing of the White House was made much more comfortable by the first AC system. Of course, Carrier is still a recognizable name when it comes to HVAC.

3. Why “Ton” Is Used to Describe an Air Conditioner’s Power

The word “ton” is still used to describe an air conditioner’s power because the ice that was used to heat buildings was cut into blocks that weighed one ton. Even today, to say that an air conditioner has a one-ton capacity means that it creates enough cooling to melt a block of ice that weighs about 2,000 pounds. That translates into about 12,000 British thermal units.

4. Air Conditioning Supports Physical and Mental Health

The number of people who die or need to visit the emergency room every year from excessive heat is shocking. In the United States, about 702 people die from the heat and over 67,500 have to visit the emergency room because of excess heat, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Workers are also more error-prone as the heat rises.

5. Air Conditioning Feels Better in Low Humidity

Air conditioning feels cooler in a room where the humidity is low. Drier air evaporates the sweat on your skin, and as a result, you feel cooler. Indeed, part of an air conditioner’s job is to lower the humidity in a room.

6. Only an HVAC Specialist Should Handle Refrigerant

Refrigerant in your air conditioner helps pull the heat out of the air, but it is toxic to handle and works under very high pressure. Only an HVAC technician with a special license should handle or recharge your AC’s refrigerant.

There Are Many More Things to Learn About Your AC

Modern air conditioning not only keeps you cool and comfortable but also keeps you and others healthy. Our HVAC technicians serve both residential and commercial customers and pride themselves on their knowledge, skill, courtesy, and punctuality. If you need AC repair service or just have more questions, don’t hesitate to contact Cover HVAC of College Station, TX.

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