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At Cover HVAC, we send our qualified technicians to your residence to help with your HVAC services in Bryan, TX. In recent years we have been honing our professionalism and quality concerning your cooling and heating needs. This is quite important because Texas experiences extremes of heat and cold throughout the year. We offer quick service and guarantees on our installations and repairs. 

Lasting AC Repair You Can Count On

When it comes to HVAC in Bryan, TX, we do everything possible to get your air conditioner running again, especially when Texas is in the midst of one of its summer heatwaves. We understand that a broken AC not only causes discomfort for your family, but it also has the potential to damage your home. 

During an appointment for AC repair in Bryan, TX, we start at the ventilation system to check if the fan coil is operational and make sure that the air filter isn’t so dirty that it causes parts to freeze. Next, we look at the unit itself for potential problems. This includes checking for refrigerant leaks, burnt-out motors, or dirty condenser filters. Once we find the cause of the issue, we explain the options for getting it repaired and go to work fixing the problem once you give us the go-ahead. 

Give a call to (281) 378-5255 now for our 5 star rated HVAC services in Bryan, TX! Your go-to professionals!

AC Installation and Replacement Team

Sometimes, your AC is unrepairable or is so old that an upgrade is necessary. That’s why we, at Cover HVAC, strive to ease your worries with quality AC installation and replacement in Bryan, TX. Furthermore, it’s done within your budget. Our goal is to minimize your concerns and maximize your return on investment.

During an initial visit for installation or replacement, we perform an audit on your space. This helps us determine the AC unit needed based on the size of your home. Next, we offer several options for you to choose from when it comes to equipment and financing plans. At the time of installation, we perform quality assurance tests to make certain your new air conditioner is in proper working order.

Trusted Services for Heat Pumps

In addition to AC units, we also repair and replace heat pumps in Bryan, TX. Unlike an air conditioner, this piece of HVAC equipment does double duty for a home. During the winter, it pulls heat from the outside to warm your indoor spaces. In the summer, it takes heat out of your interior to keep it cool.

In addition to the installation and maintenance of heat pumps, we work with you to minimize utility bills during the colder months. Instead of another gas or oil-burning unit, we add a heat strip to your vent system’s fan coil to send warm air through the house. 

Heating Services for All Makes and Models

At Cover HVAC, we handle HVAC in Bryan, TX to keep your house warm. Though our winters are short and dry, there are times when daytime and nighttime temperatures barely creep out of the 30s. This is certainly the case during the occasional ice storms.

We offer a full range of services for heating in Bryan, TX, including repairs, installation, and maintenance. We verify there aren’t any leaks in the gas lines. Furthermore, we check your air filter, fan coil, and the cleanliness of your duct system. If there are any issues, we make sure to let you know immediately so that the problem can be resolved.

Commercial Heating and Air Services

At Cover HVAC, we do more than residential properties. We also help with commercial properties. Whether it’s a school, office building, or store, our technicians help install and repair HVAC equipment. 

Commercial installations require more than one AC condenser unit or heat pump. Many times, an office building needs multiple units and an extensive air duct system for proper airflow throughout the year. Our consultants work with the owners of these properties to determine the right equipment and financing. We’re your go-to team for commercial HVAC services in Bryan, TX

Money-Saving Maintenance Plans for Your Home

While a new HVAC system has fewer problems than an older one, it eventually runs into issues. This is the main reason why you should purchase a HVAC maintenance plan in Bryan, TX through Cover HVAC. It minimizes the risk of catastrophic failure and the costs connected to it. 

When you call us at (281) 378-5255 about a maintenance plan, we put you in touch with one of our specialists. They explain our discounts under the contract. This includes 5% off replacement parts, 10% on repairs and preventive maintenance, and 20% on filters and refrigerant-based items. Once you accept, we schedule your bi-annual maintenance appointments.

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