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Basics of Home Air Conditioning: Maintenance and Repairs

Your air conditioner is a lifesaver during the hotter periods, but a failing unit can create an uncomfortable home. This is why it is important to understand the basics of owning an air conditioner, including regular maintenance and signs of trouble.

Keep Up With Home Maintenance

It is essential to keep up with home maintenance to ensure your air conditioner is working properly and efficiently. For example, you must inspect the filters monthly and replace them as needed. Another task is inspecting and cleaning the condensate drain every 30 days.

Schedule Regular Professional Maintenance

You must also schedule professional maintenance twice a year, such as once in the fall and spring. A professional can inspect the components to ensure they are working. They also give the unit a thorough cleaning.

Pay Attention to Warning Signs of Trouble

Paying attention to warning signs of a failing air conditioner can help you stay on top of maintenance and repairs. The last thing you want to do is wait until a heat wave approaches to have your unit repaired.

Frequent Cooling Cycles

It is not unusual for an air conditioner to go through routine cycles. However, frequently turning off and on is a sign your unit needs a tune-up. Fortunately, the solution could be as simple as cleaning the coil or replacing the air filter.

Loud, Unusual Noises

Air conditioners tend to make noise as they turn on and run, but it is not normal for your unit to make loud, unusual noises. Banging, clanging, gurgling, bubbling, and squeaking are signs of issues such as loose components, a damaged fan belt, or a refrigerant leak.

Little-to-No Air Flow

Little-to-no air flow could be caused by issues from a duct problem to a failing compressor. With the range of possible causes, a professional inspection is ideal for this air conditioner problem.

Blows Warm Air

If the unit is blowing warm air, check to ensure the thermostat is set to cooling mode. Then, adjust the thermostat to ensure it is lower than your home’s temperature. If your thermostat is not the issue, it could be blocked airflow or a compressor problem.

Water or Freon Leaks

Moisture leaking in or around the unit should never be taken lightly. While it may only be a water leak, it could also be a Freon leak. Freon is poisonous, which is especially dangerous if you have children and pets, so your unit needs to be repaired immediately. The cause of such a leak may be from a broken tube or ice on the copper refrigerant lines.

Increased Energy Bills

Problems such as a damaged thermostat switch, ductwork leaks, or old age can cause your unit to work overtime. When this happens, there is a noticeable spike in your energy bills.

If you want to be prepared for the hotter periods, stay on top of your air conditioner maintenance and repairs. When you need a professional for reliable air conditioner repair, contact Cover HVAC in College Station, TX.

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