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Get the Most From Your AC With Regular Preventive Maintenance

Everyone wants to get the best performance from their air conditioner over the hot and humid summer while reducing their cooling costs. Consider these four ways how regular preventive maintenance will help you get the best performance from your system.

More Energy-Efficient System

Without regular maintenance, your air conditioner will slowly lose some of its operational efficiency. One cause is airflow restrictions that form due to contaminants collecting throughout the system. Another is because of components not operating at their optimal level. Regardless of the cause, reduced efficiency translates into more energy consumed and higher energy bills while trying to cool your home.

Maintenance technicians will perform a deep cleaning, including the evaporator coil, condensing unit, and circulating fan. They’ll also test the system, looking for components that aren’t working as effectively as they should.

Reduce AC Repairs

Any time a mechanical system runs less efficiently, it’ll experience more stress and strain while trying to perform its job. With an AC unit, this usually means components running at a higher temperature, which causes premature failure.

Additionally, when some part of the system isn’t working properly, it causes strain on the rest of the system. The result is more components failing, increasing both the number of repairs needed and the total cost.

Protect Your Warranty

Most professionally installed air conditioners come with a factory warranty. In some cases, they may come with a five-year warranty, but you can extend it up to 10 years when you register your system. This warranty protects you should something fail prematurely so that you’re not spending a lot on a system that won’t last.

Many people fail to read the terms and conditions that come with these warranties, which often puts that warranty at risk. One common term is that you need to schedule regular professional maintenance of your system. If you fail to get that maintenance, you’ll risk invalidating your warranty.

Extend the Service Life

The average service life for an air conditioner in Florida is about 10 years when you have it properly maintained. This may be slightly less than other states due to the excessive salt content in the air that causes the system to wear more quickly.

When you allow the efficiency to decline and the system to experience excessive strain, you cut even more from the service life. Simply investing in annual system maintenance increases the likelihood that your air conditioner will serve your home for the entire intended service life.

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