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Important Tips To Stay Safe And Warm This Winter

We can all agree that our home’s air conditioner is pretty much an unsung hero. It keeps the entire house cool and at a comfortable humidity level throughout the hot months of the year. And unless there is a problem with the system, most homeowners never think twice about service or care for their AC equipment. And sadly, that can substantially decrease the life expectancy of this expensive equipment and increase the annual operating cost.

But, with a little bit of care and service, you can ensure that your AC will function flawlessly throughout the summer and provide you with much-needed cool air for many years to come. And your part of this essential service is about as simple as checking and replacing the air filters as needed and calling (281) 957-3335 each spring to schedule an annual air conditioner tune-up with the Cover HVAC experts.

Your Most Important AC Service Task

The air filter on your air conditioner is vital to the health of the system. A clean air filter will provide ample airflow and, more importantly, well-filtered clean air. That means there will be no dust and dirt inside the air conditioner to damage the digital components or coat the mechanical device in dirt and grime.

But it is essential to understand that as the air filter does its vital job, it is becoming covered in dust and dirt. Soon, the filter is clogged with dust and will starve the AC for air. That clogged filter makes the entire air conditioner work harder to cool your home. And in time, it will suffocate the AC to the point that it will shut down. So it is crucial that you inspect the air filter each month and replace it as it becomes coated in dust.

This one simple task will ensure that your home’s AC system functions at peak efficiency, your home is cool and dust-free, and the AC lasts for many years to come. That is not a bad return on your investment of a few minutes each month and five or ten dollars in air filters.

A Spring Check-Up

Just like going to the doctor for an annual check-up or taking your beloved pet to the vet, your home’s AC needs a yearly check-up. At this time, your HVAC pro will clean and inspect the entire unit to ensure it is ready to keep your home cool for the coming summer. It is also an ideal time to make proactive repairs when there are signs of wear and tear to belts or other consumable components. Replacing these items proactively can save you a costly repair when the part breaks and causes additional significant damage inside the AC. And it prevents a miserable night with no AC as well.

Keep The Condenser Happy

You are sure to know where the condenser is located outside your home. Unfortunately, this piece of the AC system is often overlooked throughout the summer months and can become covered in weeds and debris. Invest a few minutes each month to remove leaves, weeds, and other plant material that could be growing too close to your AC condenser. Even those small items like leaves or loose flower petals can restrict the airflow to the condenser and lower the AC’s ability to cool your home economically.

If you have questions or concerns about your home’s air conditioner, call (281) 957-3335. The experts at Cover HVAC are ready to answer questions and assist you when your AC is not cooling your home, making odd sounds, or needs regular maintenance. And we offer free price quotes and very reasonable pricing for our fully warrantied AC service and repairs.

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