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Insulate Your Home From Heater Problems

Actual insulation is just one part of the picture when it comes to winterization. Preparing a building to withstand cold temperatures is a good idea even in College Station and other parts of Texas that enjoy mild winters. It doesn’t take much for weather patterns to shift enough to send a major winter storm through the area. Winterizing a house or business is a basic best practice that saves money, conserves energy, and preserves the HVAC system.

Maintenance Day Keeps the Technician Away

Most types of serious HVAC problems can be prevented or caught early if you stick to a maintenance schedule. You can’t winterize a home without having the heating system checked, inspected, and maintained by a licensed service provider like Cover HVAC. Exact maintenance needs depend on the type and design of the system, so homeowners should have their own schedule.

Owners of oil heating systems have extra reason to worry about winterization. There are a couple big reasons to have the system checked and refilled with clean oil before the cold weather hits. Sucking the bottom of the barrel can be bad for your system and prices often go up as winter progresses.

Insulation Saves Money on Both Ends

Home insulation is incredibly important when it comes to efficiency. A well-insulated room retains almost all of the heat, which means the heater only needs to work at minimal levels to maintain a comfortable temperature. The difference between a home with insulation versus one with poor insulation can be staggering.

There are a few ways to approach insulation during winterization. The first is to separate heated zones or rooms from those without insulation. Connections to crawl spaces, basements, garages, and other parts of the home should be secured with air-tight doors. Walls and windows in the heated areas should also be insulated as much as possible. This is just as valuable for preserving air conditioning in the summer as heat in the winter, so it’s almost always a good investment.

Winterize Now and Start Relaxing

Being a homeowner can be chaotic and expensive, especially during the transition into the winter months. The days get shorter, kids start school, and the holiday season is just around the corner. The last thing most people think about is winterizing their home and getting the heater ready for action.

When the temptation to procrastinate strikes, just remember that a small investment now means avoiding big expenses later. Save your future self from higher energy bills and unexpected heater breakdowns by properly winterizing your home and scheduling an inspection with the pros at Cover HVAC.

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