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Technician uses a thermal imaging infrared thermometer to check the condensing unit heat exchanger

Is Fall a Good Time to Get a Heat Pump Inspection?

You should have a biannual heat pump inspection to keep your system running smoothly. If you only get a heat pump inspection once a year, though, fall is a great time to prepare for the cold weather. There are many reasons why fall is the perfect time to maintain your heat pump.

Extends Your Heat Pump’s Lifespan

Wear and tear affects your heat pump over time, and routine maintenance can help ease the stress. Your system can break down if the parts wear down, which will happen faster if there’s no routine maintenance. Our HVAC technicians can inspect and oil the parts to keep your system running smoother for longer.

Ensures Your Heat Pump Has Proper Clearance

Fall is the perfect time to check for overgrowth around the heat pump’s outdoor unit. Heat pumps need proper clearance for airflow efficiency, which allows your system to heat. During the summer, plants and debris can block the airflow and force your heat pump to work harder to create heat.

Improves Air Quality

Our HVAC technicians will change your air filter as part of fall maintenance services. A clean filter improves the efficiency of your heat pump and saves you money on your monthly bills. You should replace an air filter every few months, which helps people in the house with allergies.

Reduces Expenses

Many people don’t think about their heat pumps until they notice something is wrong. During fall maintenance, our HVAC technicians inspect the system to catch minor issues and fine-tune the units. Technicians catch small issues, which saves you money on repair costs and puts less stress on your overall HVAC system.

Keeps Your Home Safe

Neglecting your heat pump will result in the system struggling to maintain the correct temperatures during the hot and cold seasons. A heat pump that’s wearing down can release carbon monoxide, which is undetectable without an alarm. Our HVAC technicians will identify and fix failing parts before things get serious, which keeps your family safe.

Saves Money on Energy

A neglected HVAC system takes longer to keep the temperature accurate in your home, which raises energy costs. Dirty filters and worn-down parts can add stress to your heat pump system. Annual fall maintenance will keep your system running smoothly. This keeps your energy bills low.

Prepares System for Winter

Your HVAC system works to control your home’s temperature every season. Fall is the time to inspect the parts of your heat pump to prepare for the colder months. You never want an unexpected breakdown in the middle of winter.

Fall is when homeowners should prepare their HVAC systems for the colder months. Annual fall maintenance keeps your system running smoothly without fear of unexpected breakdowns. If you need heat pump maintenance services around the College Station, TX, call us at Cover HVAC today.

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