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Signs Your AC Is Telling You It’s Time to Call a Technician

Has your air conditioner been less functional recently? Is your air conditioner old, or does it break down frequently? If this describes your air conditioning situation, a replacement might be on the horizon for you sooner rather than later.

Your AC No longer Cools Properly

Poor cooling capacity is one of the most apparent signs of a failing AC and one that often happens first. A system on its way out will stop cooling correctly despite being in good repair otherwise.

When your unit doesn’t cool properly, reaching your desired temperature will take longer, sometimes with the system running all night. If your issues are recurring and there is no evidence the problem is the fan or motor, it’s a good idea to plan on a replacement.

Your Air Conditioner Breaks Down Frequently

One way air conditioners are similar to cars is reaching a point where replacement is more practical economically than repair. Going through so many repairs is stressful and also consumes a lot of your time because AC technicians may have tight schedules.

If these breakdowns are frequent, you may spend extra money on portable ACs or fans to use in between repairs, which consume a lot of power without cooling as effectively. These temporary fixes can add up over time, costing you more in the long run.

You Have an Old AC System

If your system is more than 10 years old, breakdowns might be more frequent. Newer systems offer benefits that include:

  • Greater efficiency
  • Superior features
  • Better energy savings
  • Quieter operation
  • More time until replacement

Your AC Uses R-22 or 410a Refrigerant

R-22 and 410a are considered outdated and in shorter supply. These types of refrigerant are also much worse for the environment than the newer kinds now available.

These kinds of refrigerants have become very expensive because of the short supply. Units that use these older types of coolant may also be more complicated to service than newer models with more readily available parts.

Higher Energy Bills

If your energy bills spike, this is a sign of a failing AC that no longer meets efficiency standards. As the parts fail, the unit must work harder to meet the demand.

The parts might not be as accessible for an older AC system as the parts used for newer units. Whether the unit has further use left in it may depend on whether certain parts are easy to obtain.

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