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Top HVAC-Related Questions to Ask Before Buying a New Home

Buying a house is an exciting event, but it can also be stressful as you begin to think about things you’ve never thought of before. An HVAC system? What’s an HVAC? As with other aspects of a home, it’s important to do a little research about an HVAC system and then ask some questions before you sign the papers.

How Old Is the HVAC System?

If the system is old, you might be stuck with the expense of replacing it. That’s an expense you’ll need to budget for. A system that is 10-15 years old is something you’ll have to plan for. An older system will also not be as energy-efficient as a new system, and you might have to pay higher energy bills.

What Kind of Maintenance History Does the System Have?

Some homeowners take exceptionally good care of their homes. The better the maintenance, the longer you can expect it to last. Ask for the owner’s maintenance records. If there has been little to no maintenance, you should be prepared to have the system inspected and perhaps repaired.

Can I See the Previous Energy Bills?

Knowing what the owner has been paying monthly on utility bills is a good way to know how well the HVAC system is working. If it’s working efficiently, the bills will be lower. Check the bills against the season. Typically, bills are higher during the summer and drop a bit during winter. Here in College Station, we may not have snow piling up outside, but we still want to stay warm!

Is the HVAC System Still Under Warranty?

If the answer is yes, make sure to get a copy of the warranty and then call the warranty company to make sure it is transferrable and still in effect. Be sure you know what that warranty will cover and what it won’t cover because of restrictions.

Is the Home Insulated Properly?

To get full value from any HVAC system, the home should be properly insulated. If it’s not, all that wonderful warm or cool air you’re generating is literally going right out the window. The different systems in a home must work together for the best results.

What Kind of System Is It?

Are the heating and cooling units combined or separate? Does it have both AC and heating? It’s important to know how it’s set up because there are different requirements for upkeep and use. Maintenance may have different costs as well.

Is the System Working?

This might seem like one of those dumb questions, but it’s not. If the system doesn’t work properly, that poses a whole new question about how much a new HVAC system will cost for the particular house.

At Cover HVAC, right here in College Station, we have the answers to any question you might have about an HVAC system before buying your dream home. Contact us today for more information about our services.

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