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Understanding What The Bad Odor Coming From Your Furnace Means

When cold weather arrives in College Station, no homeowner wants to be greeted by a foul odor wafting on the warm air they need. But many people will assume that the smell will go away after the furnace runs for a few minutes. However, that is not usually what happens. Instead, you go nose blind to the odor and only notice it after you have left and returned home.

The important message from these odors is that something is not working correctly or other extenuating circumstances need the attention of an HVAC professional. This list of common odors and their causes will help you describe the problem to your HVAC professional to better address any safety or health concerns related to the odd smell.

Burnt Dust

When you first turn on your furnace for the winter season, you might smell burning dust. This odor is precisely what it smells like and is an indication that the unit needed to be serviced and cleaned before it was put into service. There is no health hazard or real potential for a fire, but it is an indication that there is dirt built up inside the unit that could lead to other problems over the course of the winter. Therefore, it is always best to schedule an inspection and tune-up for your furnace before the cold weather arrives. This simple step will ensure that you will have reliable heat throughout the cold winter months.

A Metallic Or Plastic Odor

All of the components of your furnace are meant to withstand extreme heat. However, as these parts age, they can become more susceptible to damage from the sweltering conditions inside the furnace. Something inside the unit may be overheating if the warm air coming from your furnace registers smells like hot metal or melting plastic. This is a severe event, and you should immediately turn off your furnace and call your HVAC professional for emergency service to avoid a potential fire in your home.

Sulfur Or Rotten Eggs

Most furnaces operate using natural gas. While this is a wonderful fuel source to heat the air to warm your home, it is very flammable. To add to the safety of using natural gas, providers but an inert chemical in the odorless gas to create the rotten egg smell. If you are smelling sulfur or rotten eggs in the warmed air in your home, there is a good chance that there is a gas leak near your furnace. Turn off the furnace immediately and evacuate your home. Call 911 to report a possible gas leak and stay a safe distance from the house until emergency crews arrive to inspect for a leak.

Mold And Mildew

If there is a musty odor to the warmed air coming from your furnace, there is a high probability of mold fungus in your home’s ducts. Call your HVAC expert to inspect the ducts and determine if they need to be cleaned or if the mold is contaminating your furnace and it needs cleaning.

Dirty Gym Socks

If you get a whiff of stale, stinky gym clothes, the issue is likely bacteria contaminating your furnace coils. This can become serious as the bacteria will begin to contaminate your entire home via the warmed air. However, a professional cleaning can eliminate the issue and the odor.

If you notice any of these odd or unpleasant odors when your furnace is running, call (281) 957-3335. The furnace experts at Cover HVAC will arrive promptly to determine what is creating the smell and how to correct it for you professionally and cost-effectively.

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