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Can HVAC Maintenance Enhance Your Indoor Air Quality?

As the weather starts to warm back up for another exceedingly hot College Station summer, it’s time to start your spring house upkeep. One vital task that should certainly be on your list is to schedule professional maintenance for your HVAC system. Our team at Cover HVAC would happy to assist you. If you’re lacking motivation, continue reading to learn about how HVAC maintenance can improve your indoor air quality.

A Quick Change of Filter

One very important component of your HVAC system that directly affects the quality of air inside of your home is the air filter. This filter is designed to remove unwanted airborne particles like dust, pollen, mold spores, soot, and pet dander. Your filter needs to be changed on a regular basis to help remove these particles consistently. During your springtime HVAC maintenance, you’ll want to replace your existing air filter with a fresh one. While they’re taking care of your tune-up, our technicians will do this for you.

Professional Maintenance

When Cover HVAC in College Station, TX comes to your home to perform professional HVAC maintenance, we will enhance your indoor air quality level. We’ll achieve this in various ways. First, we’ll ensure that your HVAC system is working efficiently so that you’re getting adequate air circulation throughout your home. The more circulation you get, the more airborne particles will be removed by your air filter. Additionally, we’ll clean internal components to help reduce the amount of dust and debris that gets circulated throughout your HVAC system.

Duct Cleaning

It’s typically recommended to get your ductwork cleaned every three years in the springtime. You’ll need to contact a professional who has the specialized equipment to perform the service. It will remove any excess debris that has become trapped inside your ducts. This helps to enhance your indoor air quality by drastically reducing the airborne particles that get picked up and circulated throughout your residence.

Vent Cleaning

Each room of your home will have at least one supply and return vent that draws fresh air in and out of the room. As the air travels through each vent, it can leave airborne particles behind, like dust and debris. Over time, you’ll notice a buildup of grime on the grates for your vents. This not only allows that debris to be constantly circulated throughout your indoor air but it also restricts the airflow through the vent. When you clean your interior vents as part of your HVAC maintenance regimen, you can reduce the number of harmful airborne particles in your home and increase the airflow throughout it.

Springtime HVAC maintenance is not only important to keep your HVAC warranty active but also to enhance the quality level of your indoor air. The items above are the most crucial maintenance tasks that should be on your springtime to-do list to ensure optimal indoor air quality for your whole family. If it’s time to schedule your professional HVAC maintenance service, be sure to give Cover HVAC a call today!

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