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Signs You Need HVAC Repair

An HVAC repair need can manifest in different ways that can be difficult to diagnose without the help of a trained specialist. Call a professional and schedule service if you experience issues with your home’s heating, ventilation, and AC.

Increased Energy Bills

Increased energy bills can indicate that your HVAC system needs repair. A high energy bill could mean your HVAC is not functioning as it should, thus using more energy to heat or cool your home. If you notice a sudden spike in your energy bills, it is time to call for an HVAC repair service. A qualified technician will diagnose any underlying issues and provide the best solution.

Insufficient Heating or Cooling

If you notice warm air coming from your vents when the AC is on or cool air coming out when the furnace should be running, it needs repairs. Several issues, including a clogged air filter or a damaged fan motor, can cause this problem.

Strange Noises

Another common sign of potential HVAC repair issues is if you notice strange noises from the unit. If you hear rattling, banging, screeching, or humming noises, it’s a good idea to have an HVAC professional come and take a look. These sounds can indicate something wrong with the system, such as a loose belt or worn bearings.

High Humidity

High levels of indoor humidity damage furniture and promote the growth of mold and mildew. Humidity makes it harder for air to circulate. If the levels are too high, it could be due to your HVAC system. Another sign that your system needs repairs is if you notice moisture outside your air ducts.

Bad Odors

Foul odors from your unit could signify mold or mildew buildup inside the air ducts, often caused by a lack of regular maintenance. It could also be due to dust buildup or a pest infestation. A qualified HVAC technician can inspect the unit to determine the source of the issue. They may recommend installing an air purifier to reduce odors while improving air quality.

Refrigerant Leaks

Your HVAC system uses refrigerant to condition air and keep you comfortable. If you notice refrigerant leaking from your unit, it’s important to call an HVAC tech as soon as possible. Operating your HVAC system with low refrigerant levels can cause damage, and exposure to the refrigerant itself can cause health issues for you and your family.

Contact the Professionals for HVAC Repair

Knowing the signs that you need HVAC repair can help you address problems early and prevent them from turning into something more serious. Whenever you notice an issue, it’s important to reach out for professional help as soon as possible. If you live in College Station, TX or the surrounding area, contact Cover HVAC today for HVAC repair services.

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