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Top 4 Reasons to Inspect Your HVAC Filter Right Now

Your HVAC system keeps the entire house at a comfortable temperature year-round. One component that’s key to its operations is the HVAC filter.

Because any incoming air must pass through the filter, it’s important to understand why you should check it on a regular basis. Discover the top four reasons why your filter needs to be changed throughout the year.

1. Expensive Bills

HVAC filters capture particulates from the air, which leads to an accumulation of dust and debris on the material. When air cannot move through the filter because the filter is clogged, the system works harder than it should.

A system that draws extra current continually through its cycle will lead to higher energy bills. It may be a gradual increase especially if the filter goes for months without being replaced. Replacing or cleaning the filter is the solution to expensive bills.

2. Premature Breakdowns

A worst-case scenario with an HVAC system is a parts breakdown. Clogged filters left unchecked will force the other components to work harder. As they continue to operate past their design specifications, they can malfunction.

Fans, motors and other parts can freeze when the filter is completely clogged. In general, it’s more affordable to replace a filter than a system part or multiple parts. By simply setting an inspection schedule for yourself or the professionals, the system can work without failure for many years.

3. Uncomfortable Household

Check your filters on a regular basis because the entire household might become an uncomfortable place to live. As the filter becomes clogged, fewer air molecules can move through the mesh. The system essentially loses its ability to draw in any air.

Without the proper volume of air, the system can’t move air through its components. Any air that does move through your ducts and into the rooms might be void of any conditioning.

If you notice less air coming from the vents, it’s time to investigate the cause. The filter is the most common problem that can be solved with a quick replacement job.

4. Health Issues

Filters work at their optimal levels when they’re clear for air to pass through. As particulates cover the filter’s mesh, bacteria and other microbes can reproduce. A filter that isn’t regularly changed or cleaned can actually harbor harmful microbes over time.

The air that eventually moves through the dirty filter might sicken your loved ones. Allergies, mold sensitivities and other health issues become the norm in the household. Avoid this scenario by replacing or cleaning the filter about every three months.

Sliding the filter in and out for a quick inspection can help you familiarize yourself with the component. For a professional HVAC filter inspection and more, call Cover HVAC in College Station, TX. An annual inspection will breathe new life into your system!

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