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Why You Should Have Your Ducts Cleaned This Spring

Spring is the perfect time to clean the dust, dirt, and other contaminants from your College Station, TX household. In addition to your home’s surfaces, air vents, and appliances, you’ll want to make sure that you remember to clean your home’s ductwork. At Cover HVAC, our skilled professionals will thoroughly clean out your ducts, and they’ll also inspect for any leaks or damage during the process. Getting your ducts cleaned regularly will bring a variety of benefits to your household.

Eliminating Mold and Mildew

If your air ducts are neglected for a long period, colonies of mold or mildew may develop. You may notice the distinct musty smell, but in some cases, the fungus will flourish for weeks or months without you even realizing it’s there. However, the spores will end up getting cycled into your home’s air, and breathing too many of them can cause serious respiratory issues. A professional cleaning will eliminate any trace of these harmful fungi from your ductwork.

Finding and Repairing Damage

It’s possible that your air ducts could be harboring leaks or other damage. Leaky ducts can cause all sorts of frustrating household issues. Not only do they result in uneven or weakened air circulation, but they also put a lot of extra strain on your heating and cooling appliances. Those systems then suffer from worsened energy efficiency and increased likelihood of breakdowns. When our skilled team members clean out your ducts, they get the opportunity to check for any problems. By finding leaks or damage early on, you’ll be spared from a lot of hassle and discomfort.

Lower Energy Bills

Duct cleaning will also make a positive difference in your monthly heating and cooling costs. This is especially true during the scorching College Station, TX summer. If your ductwork is packed full of dust and other contaminants, it obstructs the pathway for your cooling system to circulate cold air. In addition to affecting your comfort, this forces your AC unit to increase its air pressure to do its job, putting extra wear and tear on the appliance and directly impacting your energy bills. With clean ducts, your air conditioner can efficiently circulate air and cool you down right when you need it.

Reducing Allergens

If you let dust, pollen, pet dander, and other airborne pollutants accumulate in your ducts, many of them will inevitably end up in the air you’re breathing. That can result in eye, nose, and throat irritation, which will be even more unpleasant if you suffer from allergies. With freshly cleaned ducts, your home will feel more comfortable, and you’ll breathe much easier.

Duct Cleaners You Can Trust

Whether you live near Lick Creek Park, Lake Bryan, or anywhere in between, you can rely on quality duct cleaning services from Cover HVAC. By scheduling a professional cleaning each year, you’ll keep your appliances healthier, your energy bills lower, and your indoor air fresher and cleaner. Plus, you’ll be far more comfortable during the harsh weather of summer and winter. To make an appointment now, give our office a call today!

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